The real question is... "Who are YOU?"

T.H.I.S by Amen retreat is uniquely tailored to focus on ones self. By participating in the T.H.I.S by Amen retreat you are encouraged to truly look within for self growth. 

A once in a lifetime experience of Self discovery, Self awareness, and Self development.

A retreat uniquely tailored to focus on one's Selfcare will give a truly transformative lifestyle experience by tapping into ones physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Through an empowering speaker series, lead by Founder Amen Iseghohi, complimented by motivational workshops and inspiring seminars that spark the flame within, fitness classes to reenergize your spirit and an opportunity to take advantage of your getaway and slow down with relaxation and reflection amongst other out of the box experiences.

How would you describe yourself in one sentence? Let's Do This!

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