You have a vision, we have a way to get you there. Are you ready for T.H.I.S.?

T.H.I.S. by Amen Coaching Program is an intimate and inspiring series of strategy sessions that will equip and support you in reaching your ultimate potential. Focused on you and guided by the Founder himself, Amen Iseghohi, each session will get you closer to your vision. By encouraging clarity, thinking outside the box and creating a Life map that begins with Self, T.H.I.S. Coaching Program is tailored uniquely to you and your personal ambitions. Through a goal-orientated approach, each strategy session is designed to strengthen and support you towards your ultimate potential of leading a purpose driven life.

So... Are you ready for T.H.I.S.?

During your very first call you will speak with Amen to:

  1. Define your vision
  2. Set goals
  3. Create a plan of action to achieve extraordinary results
I’m ready for T.H.I.S.!